We trust only on the best measuring device brands

As measuring equipment we use reliable Swiss Leica AT402 laser tracking measuring system, Leica B-Probe and Leica MS50 tachymeter. As coordinates’ measuring and analyzing software we operate with Spatial Analyzer that runs in online mode, so measuring results can be seen immediately.

Our devices are always calibrated and calibrations are internationally traceable. Our softwares are verified, which means we can guarantee validity and reliability of measurement results, within the uncertainty provided.

Check out our equipment:

            Leica AT402

            Leica B-Probe

            Autokollimaatiopeili GAS 1

            Leica Nova MS50

            NRK Spatial Analyzer Ultimate

                           2016 Spatial Analyzer NIST Certification

                           2015 Spatial Analyzer PTB Certification

            ROMER Absolute Arm 7525Si

            Polyworks Inspector Premium 

            Uutinen Leica Geosystemsin sivulla