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Calibrating the measuring devices and knowing the uncertainty in measurement results have a huge signification in order to have reliable measurement results. Harmonious functionality of measuring devices is ensured with regular maintenance and calibrations.

By calibration the accuracy of a measuring device or validity of indication can be defined by exploiting a measuring device, which accuracy is known. When deploying a new device, it has to be calibrated as per guidance issued by the manufacturer.

Knowing the uncertainty is an essential part of calibration, as well, since without it calibration is not traceable.

Measuring devices require maintenance and calibration

Calibrating measurement devices and maintaining them regularly ensures reliable measurement results. Staff’s professional skills have a big influence on results as well, but even the most skilled pros can not have valid results with an uncalibrated device, which accuracy is unknown.

If your measuring devices require calibration, contact us and let’s check your needs. We provide calibration services on high quality, even in a short notice time. We may tie a calibration contract in order to calibrate measuring devices on a regular basis. In addition, we are willing to help arranging maintenance.

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