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We provide industrial measuring services for companies and public administration. Our clientele consists of professionals, factories and plants operating in many different industries. We operate mainly in Finland, but also in other Nordic and Baltic countries.

We perform 3D measurements, alignments and capacity measurements with the best and the most relevant devices available. Our portfolio of measuring services consists of different dimensional inspections of articles, round articles and devices, capacity calibrations for tanks, geometrical configurations and inspections and installations for steel structures, for example.

Quickness, accuracy and reliability with 3D measuring.

3D measuring is a modern way to measure articles of different shapes with high accuracy. 3D measurement provides plenty of valuable information for optimizing and adjusting machines and facilities. Machines adjusted by a professional are long-living and operationally reliable.

3D measuring is suitable especially for objects, which demand reliable and accurate measurement results, and to situations when the object cannot be moved for the duration of the measurement. 3D measuring is valuable in a situation, when it is checked if object’s proportions fit in a specific spot before installing it to its place, like when doing preconditioning.

For 3D measuring we use Swiss accurate and reliable Leica AT402 laser tracking measuring system, Leica B-Probe, Leica MS50 tachymeter and Spatial Analyzer coordinates’ measuring and analysing software that runs in online mode, so results can be viewed immediately.

Our devices are always calibrated and calibrations are internationally traceable. Our softwares are verified, which means we can guarantee validity and reliability of measurement results, within the uncertainty provided.

Typical targets of measurement, for example:

  • Alignments for turbines and generators

  • On-site machining measurements for turbines

  • Machined steel objects

  • Welded steel structures

  • Rotating drums and ovens

  • Capacity and geometrical measurements and calculations for vertical, horizontal and ball tanks

  • Inspection and installation measurements for machinery and jigs

  • Installation supervision

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