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TMK Teollisuuden Mittaus- ja Kalibrointipalvelu Ltd provides unbiased 3D measurement and other industrial calibration services in Finland, the Nordics and the Baltics.

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Industrial measurement services are our bread and butter. Alongside this, we provide calibration services with decades of experience to businesses and the public sector. We mainly serve Finland and in the Nordic and Baltic regions, but if required, we are available internationally. Alongside our professional skills and training, the tacit knowledge accumulated over the years is a key asset in our industry.

Our customers range from small engineering companies to factories, nuclear power plants and aerospace industry professionals of all sizes.

One of our key principles is that we always act as a third party expert, completely unbiased and independent. Therefore, you can trust the measurement results we report, and you can formulate and implement the necessary actions on the basis of the results we provide. We have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry and our measurement service is always reliable, accurate and professional. Flexibility is one of our main qualities that our customers appreciate!

We can also provide you with measurement plans.

Quickness, accuracy and reliability with 3D measuring.

The 3D measurement service is a modern way to measure, scan and model complex objects accurately and quickly. Measurement makes it easy to optimise the settings and adjustments of different equipment with very little effort, often resulting in significant savings for the customer. Compared to traditional measurement methods, 3D can save up to 70 % in time, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to measure a wide range of equipment and parts.

This easy-to-use measurement method can be applied to a wide range of industries. 3D measurement is particularly suitable for inspecting objects that require reliable and accurate measurement results and for situations where it is not possible to move the object for measuring.

3D measurement can also be very useful in situations where the dimensions of an object need to be checked for their suitability for a particular location before it is installed.

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Typical targets of measurement, for example:

  • Alignments for turbines and generators

  • On-site machining measurements for turbines

  • Machined objects

  • Welded steel structures

  • Rotating grinder, drums and ovens (inspection, adjustment and repair)

  • Capacity and geometrical measurements and calculations for vertical, horizontal and ball tanks

  • Installation and inspection measurements of machinery and equipment

  • Inspection and installation measurements of jigs and products for the aerospace and automotive industries

  • Installation supervision

  • 3D scans

  • Inspection and installation measurements of hydroelectric installations.

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